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Floyd Reese soundbites

Patriots senior football advisor Floyd Reese held a conference call with reporters this afternoon (4 p.m.) and here were a few nuggets of note:

  • Reese did not reveal contract terms, but said he plans for it to be more than a one-year arrangement.
  • He will relocate to New England and work out of Gillette Stadium. He plans to arrive Thursday morning, weather permitting.
  • He did not meet with director of player personnel Nick Caserio in the interview process – he met with Robert Kraft, Jonathan Kraft and Bill Belichick — which could be an indication that his role as a senior advisor will be more contract- and business-based than personnel-based.
  • Asked how he envisions his role as a senior advisor, he said: “This is a very unique situation, in a couple of dimensions. I think first of all, I have literally done just about everything there is to do in the NFL. I started as a strength coach and coached for 15-16 years, then got into management. I have handled drafts. I have handled personnel – college, pros, equipment, video. I’ve done all those things. I think the important thing here and the thing to keep in mind that is different from a lot of situations, this organization doesn’t need a lot of things. They are in pretty good shape. So I think my objective is to come in and do whatever I can do to help Mr. Kraft and Bill win another world championship.”
  • The courtship of Reese started about 7-10 days ago. “Bill called, and I was in Bristol, Connecticut, [working for ESPN], and he wanted to see if we could get together and maybe visit. I spent some time with Bill and it escalated from there. We finally agreed to a contract and terms yesterday.”
  • Reese opened with the following remarks: “Let me start out by saying, first of all, thank you to all you ladies and gentlemen for coming, it’s going to be a pleasure to visit with you. I think the second thing is if you look at professional sports franchises over the last 10 or 12 years, and you say ‘name the top 5’, the New England Patriots are going to be in there someplace. If you look at ownership of organizations and franchises and you say ‘name the top 5 owners’, Mr. Kraft and his family are going to be in there someplace. And if you look at the top coaches in any sport, Bill Belichick’s name will be someplace near the top. I just want to say it’s a real honor and privilege to be part of it.”
  • The conference call ended on a light note, with Reese asked jokingly if ESPN – his most recent employer – will now receive exclusive information. “I’m afraid the rules change,” he said with a laugh.
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