Galloway stable with Pats

New Patriots wide receiver Joey Galloway said that after being released by Tampa Bay on Feb. 25 he wanted to find a new team that could offer a chance at a Super Bowl ring and stability at the quarterback position.

Galloway, a 14-year veteran, believes he found that team in the Patriots.

Galloway’s insistence that stability at the QB spot was a huge factor in his decision is yet another sign that Tom Brady should be fine in ’09.

“I’ve been a fan of his for a long time,” Galloway said of Brady. “I’ve been a fan of the team, of the organization, Mr. Kraft, from top to bottom. I’ve always looked forward to an opportunity to get into a situation with like I said stability at quarterback, which has always been something I’ve hoped for and going into this opportunity I looked for in my decision-making. Once the opportunity came to have a chance to play with Tom Brady, I don’t think you can do any better than that.”


In a conference call with the New England media, Galloway said he’s never really had the opportunity to work with the same QB.

“Really looking back through my entire career, in my 14 seasons I think my count is at 23 quarterbacks have thrown me passes at this point, so I haven’t had real quarterback stability in many places that I’ve been. So, with Tom Brady being the guy here, absolutely I am looking forward to that. That’s just been the case my entire career.”

The 37-year-old, who played in just nine games last season, said he’s fully recovered from the foot injury that caused him to miss a signficant amount of time.

“Yes, the injury was a bone situation. It happened early in the season. It was a six-game injury. It’s completely done, and yeah, the foot is fine.”

The speedy Galloway has played in 185 career games with 169 starts and has 682 receptions for 10,710 yards (15.7 avg.) and 77 touchdowns. His 15.7 yards per catch career average is the highest of any active NFL player with 300 or more receptions (Randy Moss is second at 15.66).

But Galloway, owner of six 1,000-yard seasons, will likely be a third receiver for the Patriots behind Moss and Welker, and he’ll have to compete with Greg Lewis for playing time.


He’s fine with that.

“My goal going into every season — with this being my 15th season, and it has not changed — is to be prepared to do whatever the team might ask me or need me to do to win football games,” Galloway said.

“I never go into a situation looking at it like where am I slotted as far the receivers on a particular team. In this case, this is a very talented offense. There are a lot of playmakers on this offense. My focus is to when I get there to be prepared and to be ready to the best of my ability to do whatever they ask me to do. If that is being third, fourth, fifth [receiver] it does not matter to me. My goal again is just to be ready for whatever and help the team win games.”

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