Belichick sees a lot of Baltimore in the Jets

FOXBOROUGH — Patriots coach Bill Belichick sees a lot of the Baltimore Ravens defense in the Jets, now that former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan is the Jets head coach.

At one point when talking about how the Jets slowed down Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson last Sunday he referred to the Jets defense as Baltimore for a second before making a quick correction.

“Take everything they did in Baltimore, white-out Baltimore and write New York Jets on it and that’s what you got,” said Belichick.

Belichick was impressed with the Jets season-opener.

“I think that as we see them against Houston, for the Jets that was probably about as good a way as you could start the season,” he said. “I think that’s kind of the way we would all hope to start it, not giving up any points on defense, having 400 and whatever yards it was on offense, playing good in the kicking game, a real solid performance.


“So, I’d say it’s a while before teams get into mid-season form, but it looks like the Jets might be pretty close to being there already, a real impressive win for them. The Texans are a real impressive football team and they made them look bad. We know we got our work cut out for us in all three phases of the game. …We’re expecting a tough division matchup and we should play better against them then we did last time.”

Belichick didn’t bite when asked about Ryan’s inflammatory remarks that have fueled the rivalry.

“I think there has always been a rivalry between the Jets and the Patriots,” said Belichick. “I think there has been through the years and I think there will continue to be this year and into the future. We’re in the same division. We know the whole Boston-New York rivalry thing it’s there in every sport. It’s certainly there in this sport.”

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