Brady faces media blitz

FOXBOROUGH — Patriots quarterback Tom Brady stood tall in front of his locker today and faced the media blitz and a rush of questions about the team’s sputtering offense.

“We’ll all trying to understand the reasons why we haven’t performed as well as we’d like in the last two games,” said Brady. “It’s a number of reasons, and I think the only thing we can really focus on as players is what we can do. I can certainly make better decisions with the ball and throw it more accurately. That’s where it starts for me.”


Brady was asked whether the success that the Jets had pressuring him and throwing off the offense’s rhythm with blitzes will be the blueprint for defenses to follow from now on.

“I’ve never been very mobile,” said Brady. “They’re going to do whatever they think they need to do to win. However, they feel that they need to attack us, whatever their game plan is that what’s they’re going to do. It’s our job to stop them and really take advantage when they do blitz. If they want to blitz, that’s means they’re singling up some guys and we got to get the ball to those guys. That’s how I think you beat the blitz.”

Getting the ball to receivers on the blitz requires being on the same page offensively. It has seemed in the first two games that Brady and Joey Galloway do not have the same chemistry that Brady has with the rest of the receiving corps.

Brady didn’t throw Galloway, who has been targeted 14 times in two games and only had five receptions, under the bus.

“Well, it’s our second game playing together,” said Brady. “It depends what the expectations are. If the expectations are that it will be like you’re playing together for 10 years, that’s not the reality. You have to go out and go through the process and make the reads and make throws. He has to understand what I’m thinking, so I’d say we’ve made a lot of improvement over the course of training camp and we’re still making improvement.”


Brady was asked if the chemistry with Galloway had met his own expectations for this point in the season.

“Well, like I said, I don’t know. Every relationship with a receiver is different,” said Brady.”Some people it’s very seamless, other players you got to put extra work in. Joey and I, we have a great relationship. He works extremely hard. He has been in the league for a long time. He has been in the league for a long time for a reason and that’s because he is very professional. He adds a lot to this offense.”

You can’t put it all on the receivers, as Brady admitted that like the offense, his mechanics are still a work in progress. He has been uncharacteristically inaccurate at times.

“That’s something that I’m always working on and focusing on and trying to improve on,” said Brady. “There were some positive things that I took out of last game in terms of my mechanics and driving the ball. Still, I don’t think I’m 100 percent comfortable with where the mechanics are at, but that’s why I’m still working at it.”

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