Belichick on Seau: No bull

With spreading the word that the Patriots could lure linebacker Junior Seau out of retirement, er, “graduation,” for a third time, possibly signing him as early as today, Bill Belichick essentially gave a “no comment.”

But, to his credit, it was a funny “no comment.”

There are 127,907 views of a YouTube clip of Seau taking on the role of a rodeo clown for his reality TV show “Sports Jobs with Junior Seau” and getting trampled by one of the bulls. Apparently, Belichick clicked it a few times himself.

Asked about whether the team was interested in Seau, Belichick said, “Well, I noticed he was doing some bull-riding or bull-stomping or bulls were stomping him or whatever it was. I’ll have to take a look at that workout and see how he did looked doing that.”


The rodeo clown angle seemed fitting, with the Pats taking on the Broncos this week.

There was one snag. Seau seemed to get locked up trying to turn and flee from the bull, which made the Globe’s intrepid reporter Michael Vega ask about his skill set at 40 years old.

As far as an evaluation, Belichick said, “I don’t know, we’ll have to look at that bull riding video to to see what that looked like.”

Vega followed up by asking if Seau might simply be applying for a “Sports Job” at Gillette.

Belichick said, “Maybe the Zamboni guy? Is he working on that too?”

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