Making the long haul to London

This week’s trip to London will present a different set of logistical issues than the two trips the Patriots made to the West Coast last year, which, on the face of it, seemed to be instructive for the team.

Last year, the Patriots played back-to-back games on the West Coast: at San Francisco Oct. 5 and at San Diego Oct. 12; and at Seattle Dec. 7 and at Oakland Dec. 14. In both instances the team stayed out on the coast to prepare for the second game.

“I think those two trips last year were completely different from this one,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said today. “Those trips were more like situations where we went out and stayed and we took all our preparation materials, our video systems. We took our whole operation and we moved it to San Jose and we did everything there.


“We had our meetings and our game plans and our films — everything,” he said. “We did all our preparation out there. This is a situation where we’ll do all our preparation here and once we travel to London, when we get on the plane, we’ll have covered everything we’re going to do for the game, schematically, as well as practiced it.

“And then it’s really just a question of making the trip and going through the day-before-the-game and day-of-the-game reminders,” Belichick said. “A great percentage of the work will be done when we get on the plane Thursday after practice and head out there, and that’s a lot different than the two West Coast trips we had last year where we did all out there for the second game.”

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