Shaughnessy’s London impressions

A note from Dan Shaughnessy, who is in London covering the Patriots’ trip to play the Buccaneers there Sunday.
Hello, all.

Flew nonstop from Boston Thursday with many Pats fans aboard. Flight attendants told me the plane was totally dry when we landed. Fans seemed to be in good spirits. No surprise there.

The Pats are staying at a swank hotel on a street that borders Hyde Park. Near famed Speakers Corner. Media hotel is a safe distance away.

The Pats got here around 5:30 a.m., took naps, then held meetings. They got to their practice at an ancient cricket club (Brit Oval, built in 1890) at about 1 p.m. Five players spoke with the media — Wilfork, Mayo, Welker, Vollmer and Seau. Brady worked the podium in front of the Dunkin’ Donuts sign. No hard questions for QB12.


Local media much more tame than we’d hoped. Same with Belichick. One reporter seemed put out that the Pats waited until Friday to get here, but Bill explained his preperation theories. Not sure they’ve heard “It is what it is” here, but they’ll get used to it.

I spend a half hour with the Commissioner and three other reporters before practice. He talked about what a swell idea this is. I disagreed. For details of that encounter, read tomorrow’s Globe.

Bob Kraft certainly seems on board. The owner went to Churchill Museum with Commish last night, then met with Princess Anne today. He also predicted there will be an NFL franchise in London within a decade. Ridiculous.

All for now.

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