Before football, a party


(Jim Davis/Globe Staff)

By Dan Shaughnessy, Globe Staff

LONDON — Yahoo.

Just left a rockin’ party at the Sports Cafe on Haymarket Street downtown. It was sponsored by the UKPatriots Fan Club and drew several hundred Pats-clad fans to the popular nightspot.

Channel 4’s Steve Burton interviewed about four dozen guys and gals in Patriots jerseys, many Tedy Bruschi’s and Tom Brady’s. Celebrities included “Pat Patriot”, former Pats kicker John Smith, and four Patriot cheerleaders.

Most of the fans were weekend warriors from New England, but there were a number of UK folks and a few soldiers from Heidelberg, Germany. I even met a guy in a Bruschi jersey from the Czech Republic. He did not speak a word of English, but he seemed to be enjoying himself.


The highlight of the event was just after 7:30 p.m. local time, when Bob Kraft walked into the joint. There was so much goodwill that Kraft shook hands with me. He talked about the soldiers who had come to the event and said, “That’s the power of sports.’’

Kraft brought 12 tickets with him and they were dispersed to lucky fans.

Another touch of home at the Sports Cafe: numerous TVs looped the Patriots’ 21-game winning streak DVD from back in the days when Channel 5 was the team’s All Access station. So we saw a lot of Mike Lynch on the screen while fans raised glasses and chatted about tomorrow’s game.

Veteran Patriot publicist Stacey James has been seen all over town wearing his red Pat Patriot T-shirt. He’s quite a sight in the lobby of the stodgy Patriots hotel across the street from Hyde Park. Also spotted at the team hotel: Junior Seau, ordering a latte in the lobby coffee shop. As always, Junior was wearing a natty lid.

No yahoos at the Pats hotel. They must not know where the team is staying.

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