Wembley’s rockin’

By Albert Breer

LONDON — Pretty raucous here, almost like a Super Bowl.

Some dude named “Calvin Harris” just came out and performed for the crowd. And according to the game program he’s a real “chart-topper.” Superstar, I’m sure. Second coming of the Beatles, right?

Anyway, one thing that might interest some of you is the NFL is trying really, really hard to make this feel like a Bucs game, because technically, that’s what it is. The stadium is adorned with Bucs logos, they handed out Tampa flags at the gates, and during the “Calvin Harris” performance, they unfurled a huge flag at midfield.

It’s not really working. Saw a couple people in Tom Brady jersies waving those Bucs flags. I think this one’s a pretty confusing experience for them. But then, watching “Calvin Harris” was pretty confusing for me.


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