Are the Patriots’ 2007 records in jeopardy?

BACK HOME — Two countries later, I’m back at my North End palace. And since it’s the bye week, I figured I’d hit something that’s gotten me thinking.

Could the 2009 Saints tear down the marks built by the 2007 Patriots? I think so. Let’s get to the numbers …


2007 Patriots: 36.8/game
2009 Saints: 39.7/game


2007 Patriots: 4.69/game
2009 Saints: 4.43/game

Total Yards
2007 Patriots: 411.2
2009 Saints: 427.3
That last one’s not an NFL record, but you get the point — these Saints are right there with the Patriots. And they’ve done it having already played three Top 10 defenses — the Jets, Giants and Eagles.
Another thing New Orleans has going for it: environment. Where the 2007 Patriots slowed down later in the year, with the tougher defenses (Ravens, Eagles, Giants) on the slate down the stretch and the weather worsening, these Saints still have the Rams and Bucs (twice) and Redskins on the slate, and play their home games in a dome.
All of this should be an interesting subplot when the Patriots hit New Orleans Nov. 30.

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