AFC East: Trash Talk Central

Get ready, Patriots fans. Things are about to get a bit chippy in the coming weeks.

Three of New England’s next five contests come against division opponents — two with the Dolphins and one with the Jets. Those two teams are meeting this week at the Meadowlands. And these guys aren’t playing the Lou Holtz Game leading up to Sunday.

Jets coach Rex Ryan kicked off the un-pleasantries on Wednesday, when he was asked by the Miami media about the Dolphins losing star corner Will Allen for the season. Ryan’s response: “I don’t care about that. We lost a Pro Bowl nose tackle (Kris Jenkins) and a Pro Bowl running back (Leon Washington), so boo hoo hoo.”


And guess who caught wind of Ryan’s comments? That’s right, Joey Porter, who appeared on NFL Network’s “Around the League” this afternoon. At one point in the interview, Porter said that with his mouth, he doesn’t need Twitter. That was after he proved it, when he addressed the summer slings hurled back-and-forth between Ryan and Channing Crowder.

“It didn’t mean nothing in preseason, when he was talking before,” Porter said. “When he was taking shots, and making fun of a player being out for the season, as a player, you take that personal. That’s like talking about my family member, what he did.

“So he made a little comment about Will Allen being hurt, saying, ‘Boo hoo hoo,’ as if it’s a joke or something. We’ll see if it’s a joke on Sunday, because there’s nothing the coach can do about it. He’ll see his players out there with us on Sunday, that’s something they’ll have to deal with.”

Porter wasn’t done. He continued by directing his venom at Mark Sanchez: “Now they’re starting to see he’s just a rookie. … He’s been humbled. Now we got some humble pie to serve him.”
So Joey, will that pie go with the hot dog Sanchez had on Sunday?
“That’s how they run their program over there. … I’m not worried about him eating hot dogs on the sideline. I’m worried about how I can get him on sideline, with an ice pack.”
Maybe the AFC East isn’t the best division in football. But taking all this into account, it seems well on its way to becoming the nastiest.
Terrell Owens has been in the division for a few months now, and he’d qualify as a quiet player here. Unbelievable.

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