Bye to the Bye Week

And so the grind to January begins. Or, at least, for everyone but me.

Got some job transition stuff to handle today, so Adam and Monique will have you covered from Foxboro. Players will be speaking from the locker room in the 11 o’clock hour, and practice will follow, so keep checking back here.

But don’t worry, not gonna leave you hanging here with an empty post. This morning, I came across a Sports Illustrated player’s poll that ranked the hardest receivers in the NFL to cover. Went like this …

Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals: 37%
Randy Moss, Patriots: 15%
Andre Johnson, Texans: 14%
Steve Smith, Panthers: 10%
Terrell Owens, Bills: 6%


The poll was taken before Week 2, which probably explains the inclusion of the last two guys on this list. Also, in the notes, it said that Fitzgerald and Johnson were 1-2 on the list in voting among defensive backs.

Feel free to talk that one over in the comments section, and I’ll be back in the afternoon.

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