Porter has a ‘natural hate’ for Patriots

Miami OLB Joey Porter said last Sunday that his hate for the Jets brought out his best football.

Don’t expect that feeling to be much different this week. In fact, it may be worse, considering that Porter’s distaste for New England began before he joined the Dolphins in 2007.

“My feelings toward New England go back further,” Porter said. “It goes back to my Pittsburgh days. I felt a certain way, after some things came out, way back when I was in Pittsburgh, some AFC championships I lost to them, couple times. Come to figure out a few months later why we lost. So yeah, I have a natural hate for them. Period. And that’s just gonna be with me forever.”


Porter was critical of the Patriots in the wake of Spygate two years ago, and after some tap-dancing around it, he was asked directly: Do you feel like it cost you rings?

“We do this every year around this time when I do this conference call,” Porter said. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. And they know exactly what I’m talking about. And that’s not gonna change.”

All of this was prompted when Porter was asked how he felt about the Patriots, and if it was the same way he felt about the Jets.
“The same way they feel about me,” Porter said. “So do you want me to say it first? Or do you want to tell me how they feel about me first.”
Porter was told that the New England players might not have warm memories of him.
“I know they don’t like me,” Porter said. “Let’s be honest — they don’t like me, and that’s fair. I don’t like them, and that’s fair. It’s not like there’s a divorce happening. We never really were married anyway.”
And he also made this clear ….
“The division goes to the last champion, period,” Porter said. “The last champion was the Miami Dolphins. We have the championship until we lose it. It’s ours to lose. You can’t just crown the champion because they used to be the champions back in the day. That hardly makes any sense. It’s what you did the last year. You’re never judged off of what you did a couple years ago, it’s what you’re doing now. Last year, we were the champs.
“It comes through Miami, they’re the defending champs, you gotta go take the championship from them. That’s just the way it works.”
And so begins Dolphins week …

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