Brady: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever influenced a call’

Yesterday on NFL Network, Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter shot off about the Patriots in general, and their quarterback, Tom Brady, in particular.

Porter said he felt Brady “gets his own rules”, and cited examples of Brady calling for flags and getting calls. Well, who better to ask about this subject than Brady himself?

Does he think things are getting more and more slanted toward the quarterbacks? And does he think gesturing at officials has changed anything?

“No, I don’t think so, ” Brady told the Globe. “You may get more calls. I don’t know. I think the ref calls what he sees. I don’t think I’ve ever influenced a call. The refs we have are very good. If they make a call on that, great. If they don’t, that’s fine.”


Brady said he hadn’t heard Porter’s comments.

But he’s played Porter enough to expect them.

“Some people get more motivated by that stuff than other people,” Brady said. “I think it’s just guys having confidence. Joey has a lot of confidence, and he should. That’s a really good team, and he’s a great player.”

As for the “roughing” issue, it looks like this: Patriots’ opponents have been flagged five times through seven games for roughing the passer. Once in the Atlanta game (Jamaal Anderson) and twice in the Baltimore (Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs) and Tennessee (Chris Hope, Tony Brown) games.
Beyond just that, the “Brady rule” is actually more of a clarification than anything else.
Either way, Brady says he’s not worried about the way things are called on quarterbacks when he’s out there, and will deal with the calls as they come.
“I don’t think about them very often,” Brady said. “We’re standing back there, trying to make the plays, you can’t think about it. And we’re not the only ones. Rules are in place that protect the quarterback, protect the kicker, protect defenseless receivers, defensive linemen on cut blocks. I just don’t see it as a quarterback issue. It’s just that we’re the ones holding the ball, so it’s pretty visible when it happens.
“We’re all kind of in the same boat out there, especially if you run outside the pocket. They find ways to protect receivers, and they should. You can’t just go and knock the crap out of the kicker. We all play by the rules. If you’re flagged, you deal with it, and find a way to not let it happen again.”

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