Porter: Not enough pressure on Brady

Give Joey Porter credit here. After the Dolphins’ 27-17 loss to the Patriots today, he pointed the finger squarely at himself.

Talking with Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, he pinpointed Miami’s problem as a lack of pressure on Tom Brady, an admission he didn’t get the job done.

“As a team we got pressure on them,” Porter said, referring to the two sacks the Dolphins got on Tom Brady, “But not enough! We could have made more plays out there. But it wasn’t the lack of pass rush why we lost the game. We had our opportunities to win the game. They played good, were ready for us, and beat us.


“We didn’t get this one, but now we’ve got to focus on what it takes to get to 4-5. This is another setback we’ve got to take, and get over. We won 11 games last year, and a lot of them in the second half. We just have to do that again. All we can do is get ready for Tampa.”

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