The touchdown that wasn’t

At one point, it seemed like Tully Banta-Cain had made the biggest play of the afternoon. On the Dolphins’ first possession, he raced around tight end Anthony Fasano, blasted through a chip block by Ricky Williams, and clobbered Chad Henne from his blind side. The football flew from Henne’s grasp. Adalius Thomas scooped it and ran 59 yards for a touchdown.

Or so the Patriots thought. The Dolphins challenged the fumble ruling, and after review, official Mike Carey called the play back. He explained that Henne still had control of the ball while his arm was going forward, making it an incomplete pass.


Not surprisingly, Banta-Cain disagreed.

“I thought it was a fumble,” he said. “Watching the instant replay, it looked like he kind of shot-putted the pass out there a little. There’s really nothing you can do about. I wish I could have karate chopped it a little harder. But, hey, we got the win. It sucks I didn’t get the sack, but it’s all good.”

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