Back home, Moss helps out

Randy Moss has revealed little about his personal life since he joined the Patriots, preferring to keep his seemingly complex personality private. Recently, in his home state, Moss showed and shared the charitable side of himself.

A story in today’s Register-Herald of Beckley, W. Va. details how Moss and his management team refurbished the athletic complex at DuPont Middle School in Belle, W. Va. The fieldhouse, according to the story, compares to a top-of-the-line college football facility. As Jim Workman writes:

Moss and his associates with Randy Moss Enterprises have refurbished the DuPont Middle School fieldhouse to a state-of-the-art facility, complete with new lockers for both home and visiting locker rooms, new weight equipment, a new players lounge with a big screen television, and spruced up the weight room, coaches office, restrooms and laundry room. It was unveiled last week in a private ceremony with students at the school with little fanfare.

It was the same facility that Moss and his teammates used when Moss was an All-America player in his high school days at DuPont.

Inspired by the project, volunteers have been chipping in with other much needed upgrades on the grounds, including digging a drain to aid in the water problems the field was experiencing, building new benches and painting and repairing the concession area.

“A lot of people have come out and volunteered their services,” Moss said. “They’re bringing gravel, washing things, having hot dog sales, and they want to be a part of it. For that, I’m thankful. Every little bit helps. A lot of people are excited. We can all come together and make this work. I just want to thank them for doing this for the kids.

“I’ve been hearing from my team (at Randy Moss Enterprises) that everyone is real excited in the community. It has already brought a smile to a lot of kids’ faces. That is enough for me.”

For Moss, who grew up in Rand, W.Va., the connection to his community made the project important and meaningful. Workman quotes Moss:

“It’s my community and my neighborhood. When those guys strap on that helmet on Thursday night, it’s the same helmet I used to strap on. This is permanent. It’s something that will be there always. It’s not like giving an autograph or a jersey that will fade or go away. It’s permanent. It will also pass down through the midget league system for the kids that are coming in the future. I’m really excited about it.”

The article is really worth a read. It’s a side of Moss that is often either overlooked or unknown altogether.


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