One war the Colts, Pats might win together

In his always enjoyable Monday Morning Quarterback column today, Peter King talked about how this week’s “Sunday Night Football” matchup — Patriots-Colts — is always placed during the November sweeps, because of its entertainment value and ability to draw boffo ratings.

But if you look at NBC’s numbers, the size of the New York market and the appeal of America’s Team show more strength.

Of the 10 most highly-rated games in the four years NBC has had the SNF package, the Cowboys show up a staggering six times. The Giants are right behind them with five. Meanwhile, the Colts and Patriots show up twice, with their 2007 game ranked fourth.

A look at the numbers, by rating and share:

1. 9/20/09, Giants-Cowboys, 16.5/27
2. 11/25/07, Eagles-Patriots, 15.6/24
3. 12/14/08, Giants-Cowboys, 15.4/24
4. 11/5/06, Colts-Patriots, 15.1/22
5. 9/10/06, Colts-Giants, 14.7/23
6. 9/21/08, Cowboys-Packers, 14.4/22
7. 11/8/09, Cowboys-Eagles, 14.3/23
T8. 9/9/07, Giants-Cowboys, 13.6/22
T8. 11/12/06, Bears-Giants, 13.6/20
10. 11/16/08, Cowboys-Redskins, 13.5/20


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