Light prances through locker room

Patriots LT Matt Light — sidelined since injuring his knee in the Denver game — walked briskly through the locker room a few minutes ago, without a limp or any kind of wrap or brace.

Does it mean anything, really? Well, I doubt it was an accident that he appeared.

Light, tongue firmly in cheek, said he’d have liked to stop to chat, but had a “date” with strength coach Mike Woicik. Then, I asked if he had a chance this week.

“Actually, I gotta workout with Mikey,” Light said. “You know how it is — One day at a time, working out, trying to get better …”

And then, he disappeared behind the curtain covering the weight room, yelling, “Mikey, let’s go!!!” Sebastian Vollmer, it should be noted, has played well enough to warranted continued playing time, even after Light returns. So this all will be interesting to follow.


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