Rodney, Dungy weigh in on Brady-Manning

On NBC’s conference call with ex-Colts coach Tony Dungy and ex-Patriots safety Rodney Harrison right now.

And the $100 Million question was asked of each guy: Who’s better — Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Harrison said, “I feel like Peyton Manning is the best pure quarterback in the NFL. … Peyton just puts the ball in places no one else does.” But then, Rodney said, “Tom Brady is my quarterback is my quarterback when there’s a minute left, and we’re down four points and we need a touchdown.”

Dungy said of Manning, “There’s no other quarterback I’d want. But I might feel differently if I spent seven years with Tom Brady.”


Another question that elicited another interesting answer was whether Manning’s 49-touchdown season of 2004, or Brady’s 50-touchdown season of 2007 was more impressive. “Well, 50’s more than 49,” Dungy responded. “The thing is, neither of those guys would be satisfied, because neither season ended in Super Bowl wins. I don’t think either guy would those their best seasons.”

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