Wilhite ready to return to practice

FOXBOROUGH — Patriots cornerback Jonathan Wilhite said he must have caught a bug during the bye week. As a result, he spent all of last week battling his illness, missing practice and was inactive for the Patriots’ 27-17 win against Miami.

Today, Wilhite said he is feeling “pretty good” and ready to get back to practice this afternoon.

“I was around some people back at home that were kind of sick, my sister I was taking care of, I guess I got a little taste of it, but I’m fine now,” he said. “I’m ready to go back to practice.”


Wilhite said he has been sick before but “never had anything that kept me out that long.”

“I’m happy to be standing up here talking to ya’ll right now because I was throwing up and sick a lot, but everything is fine now, and I’m ready to get back,” he said.

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