Chung: ‘It was an honest mistake’

A day after safety Patrick Chung received a $7,500 fine from the league for his hit Sunday on Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne, Chung said he didn’t realize the tackle would draw a pentalty, calling it “an honest mistake.” NFL rules on quarterback hits are far more stringent then college, which Chung, as a rookie, is still adjusting.

“Just got to get used to them,” Chung said. “It was an honest mistake. It wasn’t intentional. I would never try to do that and get the fine, the penalty. But it’s a game. Things happen. I don’t make the rules. I’m not mad about it at all.”


On Sunday, Chung blitzed up the middle on a third-down play and drilled Henne under the chin. The hit drew a 15-yard penalty for a helmet-to-helmet hit. Chung surged through Henne with his head up, his facemask hit Henne’s chest as the crown of his helmet smacked Henn’s chin, making Henne’s head violently snap backward. Replays showed it was a close call.

“Yeah, but, I just got to watch it a little more,” Chung said. “I thought I was just trying to make a tackle. I never thought about it. I don’t make the rules. Just playing the game.”

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