Colts take aim at more Patriot mystique


ST. LOUIS — Little by little, Peyton Manning has flipped the script on the Patriots the last four years. And now, the quarterback and his Colts have a New England record in their sights.

Last night’s win was Indianapolis’ 18th straight in the regular season, which parked the Colts in a tie with, you got it, the Patriots for the second-longest ever. That New England streak was built over the 2003 and ’04 seasons. Another one — stretching over 21 games from 2006-08 — established by the Patriots remains the standard.

Manning and the Colts will have to earn it, if they’re to reach that number. Trips to Baltimore and Houston are on tap. The potential record-matcher will be against re-energized Tennessee, with the prospective record-breaker against the Broncos. Here’s a look at the list …


1) Patriots (2006-08): 21 games
2) Colts (2008-09): 18 games
3) Patriots (2003-04): 18 games
4) Bears (1933-34): 17 games

… By the way, it’s worth noting that it’s pretty incredible that these two teams have combined for the three longest winning streaks of all-time over the last six years. Says a lot about what both have been.

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