Weeping Rex to Jets: ‘I believe in you’


Want to move on from the Colts? Well, we’ll have some more to wrap up that game later today, but for now, how about a peek ahead into the psyche of the reeling New York Jets?

Caught this at Pro Football Talk this morning, pointing me to Mark Cannizzaro’s story in the New York Post. Looks like Jets coach Rex Ryan lost it when talking about how his team has struggled of late, and what it’s up against on Sunday in Foxborough. And by “lost it”, I mean “started crying.”

“I was a little upset to see him that way,” cornerback Darrelle Revis told The Post. “I’m upset for the same reasons he’s upset. … I haven’t been a part of a meeting where a coach cried like that.”


Center Damien Woody — a former Patriots — said that the tears showed the Jets how much their coach cared about them. I could say something about this not being Pop Warner …

Anyway, the New York players did believe they caught a break on Sunday, with the Colts knocking off New England. And that magnifies the chance they have on Sunday. Interesting fact here — the Patriots have lost consecutive games just once over the last seven seasons, and it was the Jets that dealt them the second of those defeats. Those Patriots were coming off a loss to, you got it, the Colts.

“It was a gift,” Woody said on the Patriots’ loss. “We could have been three games back if they had won the game. The fact that we’re two back, as far as things we’re trying to accomplish there is a pulse.

“But the gift is only good if you can capitalize. We’ve got to capitalize on it. We want to take advantage of this opportunity, because it’s there. It’s not something that’s impossible. It’s tangible.”

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