Revis by the numbers


FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Adam and Monique have the story this morning on the Darrelle Revis-Randy Moss showdown, set for Sunday.

Really thought all along that it was a little weird how Moss made such a point to say that Revis had safety help the first time around, when it was pretty clear that the Jets corner got the better of that matchup. Either way, this has turned into a big game of “He said, She said.”

What’s inarguable — Moss is one of the game’s Top 5 receivers. And Revis is at least that high as far as corners in the NFL go. I had a scout tell me earlier this week that he’s “as good as any corner in the NFL,” and Rex Ryan was quick to tout him as the game’s best this week.


So I tried to take a closer look, and came up with some remarkable statistics.

Revis, one of the best run defenders among corners in the league, has 34 tackles. Only one of those has been made on a pass going more than 10 yards in the air, and none have come on passes traveling more than 20 yards forward, according to Stats, Inc. Meanwhile, he has two interceptions and five passes defensed on ball going more than 20 yards in the air. Also, he has 10 passes defensed in blitz situations — which often have DBs defending man-to-man.

No one here is taking away from Moss, who is on pace for more catches (103) and yards (1,584) than he had in 2007. But it’s worth noting that his adversary in this case isn’t exactly just another guy either.

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