Maroney on the fumble: ‘You put it behind you and just go on …’


FOXBOROUGH — Patriots running back Laurence Maroney has lost one fumble this season, and it came at a critical time for the Patriots.

On Sunday, Maroney fumbled on the Indianapolis 1 yard line with 2:48 to go in the third quarter. Colts linebacker Gary Brackett recovered the fumble in the end zone. It was the second of two turnovers in the end zone for the Patriots in the 35-34 loss.

Today, Maroney said the fumble is something he has to move on from.

“It’s life,” Maroney said. “Not every story ya’ll write is a good story, not everything ya’ll do is by the books and correct. We’re all human and we make mistakes and it’s one of those things that you put it behind you and just go on and try to move on to the next plan and try to get better.”


Maroney has scored a touchdown in four consecutive games. He was told that a few of his teammates have shown support for him since the game and Maroney responded, “I hope they do. One fumble? I think that’s good just to have one fumble and hopefully, it’ll stay at one fumble. It’s one of them things that, things happen. You can’t cry about it. You can’t hold your head down about it, you have to go out there on the next play and make a big play.”

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