Setting the scene


FOXBOROUGH — Since another attempt at taking iPhone pictures went bad, I’ll get you started with this picture of Gillette Stadium from 2006.

I like it for a few reasons. First, it’s got the New York and New England end zones, appropriate here for obvious reasons. Second, it comes from the filming of that movie The Rock did (can’t remember the name of it off-hand) a few years ago, and this rivalry starting to get a pro wrestling feel to it. And finally, you can see the beat-up natural grass there, which removed soon after the Patriots endured their only losing streak since 2002, with, yup, the Colts on the front end and the Jets (in some serious slop with the field coming apart) on the back end.


Alright, so we’ll be getting through the pregame here with myself, Adam and Monique.

It’s 48 degrees here (feels like 44), and while the sky’s are eerily dark, it looks like we’ll avoid any kind of precipitation. The Jets already have a slew of players on the field, while a few Patriots have made their way out there.

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