Movers and Shakers

A look at guys who got the job done, and those who struggled for the Patriots on Sunday …


WR Wes Welker: The unquestioned star of the show yesterday did even more than he normally does, running vertical routes to catch the Jets off-guard in addition to his usual domination underneath on his way to 15 catches for 192 yards.

CB Leigh Bodden: None of his interceptions were outstanding individual plays, and probably had a little more to do with the rush moving Mark Sanchez off the spot, taking advantage of the young QB’s shoddy footwork. Still, you don’t get three picks without being in the right place, and Bodden was, cashing the first one in for the touchdown that really got New England rolling. Include Tully Banta-Cain on this one for helping create that pressure.


NT Vince Wilfork: If you read the paper this morning, you know how I feel on this one. Wilfork was essential to putting Sanchez and the Jets in the bad down-and-distance situations that made this one tough for that offense.


OG Dan Connolly: He didn’t cover himself in glory in Stephen Neal’s spot on the offensive line, getting absolutely torched by Jets veteran Shaun Ellis for two sacks. The first one set helped lead to a blocked punt that gave New York hope at the end of the first half, the second one killed a drive as the Patriots tried to swing back at the Jets after yielding a third-quarter touchdown that drew New York to within 10.

WR Randy Moss: After all the talk this week, Darrelle Revis took Moss out of the game. The all-world Patriots receiver was targeted 11 times, but came up with just five catches for 34 yards. He did get Revis for a 4-yard touchdown in the first quarter, but was 0-for-5 on downfield shots that went his way. On the other hand, that was a nice tackle he made on a potential Revis pick in the first half, preventing an interception while getting flagged for offensive P.I.
S Bret Lockett: Drew two penalties on special teams, as part of a tough night for Scott O’Brien’s kick units. Three of the Patriots’ six penalties on the evening came by way of special teams.

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