Jets corner promises to ‘retaliate’ against LeVoir


As if the Jets and Patriots had not launched enough minor controversies already this year, another surfaced today.

In his Jets notebook today for The Star-Ledger of Newark, Dave Hutchinson explains that Jets cornerback Donald Strickland believes the vicious block tackle Mark LeVoir laid on him was a dirty play, and then vowed he would retaliate the next time the teams play.

In a physical game, LeVoir’s block may have been the hardest hit of all. It helped spring Wes Welker on a screen pass, but Strickland believed it violated the league’s helmet-to-helmet rules. On the play, Strickland suffered a concussion. He did not return to the game and is out for this week, too.


‘‘I think it was a real cheap shot,’’ Strickland told The Star-Ledger. ‘‘He really didn’t have to go at my head like that, especially with the NFL’s precaution about helmet-to-helmet contact.

‘‘It happened. It was a block and he took advantage of it. But I guarantee you the next time we play them it’s going to be a different story. I’m making a point of emphasis to retaliate. That’s the way I feel.’’

Moss-Revis, make way for LeVoir-Strickland.

(Thanks to commenter bbbluwsboy for the video.)

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