Do the Jets have room to complain?


If you already saw me make the point on this via Twitter, cool. If not, read on. (Sorry if you’re sick of Jets talk. This will be it. Promise. Or at least, until the next time someone shoots their mouth off. Good? Good.)

Anyway, the bone of contention that Rex Ryan had stemming from Sunday’s game regarded a third-down shot Tom Brady took, tossing a moonshot downfield to Randy Moss on a fade. Stat padding? It would seem to be, particularly after Darrelle Revis had spent much of the afternoon making Moss about as relevant on most plays as some dude in section 331.


“We need to stop them anyway,” Ryan said Monday, “so it’s no biggie, but I was surprised, and I did feel a little bit disrespected.”

OK, so here’s the thing: If you’re going to complain about the other team trying draw more blood in garbage time, you’d better not have the red stuff all over your hands. On the play in question, a third-and-6 from the Patriots 45 with 30 seconds left, the Jets sent seven rushers at Brady — a zero blitz. It was just the third time the Jets had sent that much pressure at the quarterback all afternoon.

If we’re talking decorum here, normally, taking a shot downfield like that as late in the game as the Patriots did may be considered bad form. But coming after another team’s quarterback like that in this kind of situation is probably worse. So it’s hard to see — even for a guy who can appreciate Ryan’s heart-on-the-sleeve style — how this isn’t a case of throwing stones from a glass house.

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