Heath Evans: ‘This is one I would have loved to have played in’

METAIRIE, La. — Former Patriots fullback Heath Evans wishes he was playing Monday night. Evans is in his first season with the Saints, but his year has been cut short due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament he suffered in a 46-34 win against Miami on Oct. 25.

Evans had three touchdowns in six games before his injury, which landed him on injured reserve. Evans played four seasons in New England before signing a two-year contract as a free agent with the Saints this past spring. Despite the move, Evans said he has fond memories of his time in New England.

So is this game any tougher to sit out?


“Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and not for the bitter reasons,” Evans said. “I love those coaches. I love Mr. and Mrs. Kraft, I love that organization. Anytime you get to play against your buddies, it’s no different than going in the backyard and wanting to play football. You want to beat your buddies, and those guys are all my buddies, so this one will be tough to swallow, but I’ll be here so no broken TVs at my house this week, no crutches going through the TV screen or anything like that. This is one I would have loved to have played in. Any competitor would have.”

Evans, tight end David Thomas and cornerback Randall Gay are among the former Patriots now playing for the Saints.

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