Inebriation in full swing in NOLA


NEW ORLEANS — OK, so I know all of you have been hit over the head enough with the “This is a really, really big game to the people of New Orleans” angle. So my apologies for taking one more swing at it …

The picture above shows, if you squint hard enough (again, amateur photography) a bunch of people tailgating about a quarter-mile from the stadium.

No big deal? Well, it was taken three hours ago. It says here this whole city’s gonna be drunk by kickoff.

Just exchanged texts with a buddy of mine — and a Patriots fan — who picked New England 35-24. I got Saints 42, Patriots 38 in an absolute barn-burner. Feel free to chime in with your pick in the comments section. I’ll try at some point in the pregame to tally it up.

Heading to the dome now. See you guys in a little bit.


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