Irvin canonizes Belichick, Faulk doesn’t


Both Michael Irvin and Marshall Faulk have been critical of the Patriots in past. But their opinions on this Golden Age for the franchise aren’t exactly in lockstep.

Irvin has said, repeatedly, that this decade’s New England teams would be no match for the dominating Dallas teams he played on under Jimmy Johnson in the 1990s. He had his reasoning — that you can’t stockpile talent now like you could back then — and he’s turning around now to use it to pay the coach of this Patriot dynasty the ultimate compliment.

“No doubt in my mind, Bill Belichick is the greatest coach in NFL history, when you look at what he’s done,” Irvin said on NFL Network’s GameDay Morning yesterday. “In today’s game, with free agency and everything, you cannot question what this man has accomplished.”


And then, Faulk did.

“When you look at Bill and situational coaching, there’s probably nobody in the league that’s better,” Faulk said. “But let’s be honest, there’s a little black cloud over Bill Belichick’s head. Just like when we talk about, in baseball, they mention Barry Bonds, although we don’t know, and Roger Clemens, although we don’t know. With Bill Belichick, we do know and we can’t let that black cloud go away.”

Maybe Faulk was upset about the Reggie Bush comparisons earlier this week. Or could it still be Super Bowl XXXVI? Either way, this debate came after Mike Lombardi’s sitdown with his former Browns colleague Belichick, which you can check out here and here.

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