It’s official — Weis out at Notre Dame


According to Rich Cimini and Dick Weiss of the New York Daily News, the inevitable has happened — Charlie Weis is out as head coach at Notre Dame.

That means the first three assistant coaches in this era of Patriots football to emerge as head coaches elsewhere have been whacked. It happened to Romeo Crennel in Cleveland, Eric Mangini with the Jets, and now Weis in South Bend.

In today’s edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, Sports Illustrated football man Peter King identifies New England as the No. 1 destination for Weis’ post-Golden Dome pursuits.

I think, if Weis wants to be a head coach again, he should go elsewhere. Since he’s left, Tom Brady has ascended to an even loftier status than he had with Weis at his side — Guiding a rag-tag bunch to a conference title game in ’06, and breaking every record in ’07. Could Weis help him? Sure, he could, and the two remain close. But Weis had a hard time getting a head coaching job in the first place, and returning to the Patriots probably won’t help.


Really, how can Weis improve his stock by re-joining the staff with New England? The Patriots have already broken all the records, and it would be hard for the coach to prove something he didn’t already prove from 2000-04, prior to getting the Irish job.

That’s why, if he’s so inclined, he might be best off heading off to Kansas City, where his old Jets co-workers Scott Pioli and Todd Haley are in charge. There, he could help provide Matt Cassel with a sense of comfort (the two never worked together, but Cassel has, obviously, run Weis’ system) and re-build his name by raising a young offense from the ground up. That opportunity simply doesn’t exist in his old home.

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