Brady discusses the Saints, temptations and his coming child

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady discussed Monday’s blowout loss to the Saints, the Tiger Woods situation, and even the gender of his expected child with wife Gisele Bundchen (no, he didn’t reveal what it was, even though he knows) during his weekly interview on WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan Show” this morning.

Here are some excerpts of the conversation.

On the Saints game going as badly as it did for New England: “I don’t think anyone really expected us to get beat by 21 points. You know, I thought we all felt very confident in the game, very confident in the team we were playing, very confident in the week of preparation that we had, we just, you know, it goes like that sometimes. So we’ll find ways to move on from it and figure out the problems and we’re getting together as a team today to start on Miami. It’s a real short week for us and we’ve got to move forward and put this one behind us. As challenging as it may be, at times, you know, because you’re frustrated by the loss, you’ve got to take from it the good things that happen and then learn from the bad things.”


On the Saints limiting receivers Wes Welker and Randy Moss: “They had a good scheme and they were certainly very focused on those two. They were focused on Kevin Faulk, too. They had a good plan and I don’t think we executed very well. So when we had opportunities to score there on fourth and 4, to make it a one-score game, we didn’t do it. It’s not like it was all bad in terms of our execution, it’s just we’re just inconsistent enough where we’re not able to match a team that can score some points. It’s very frustrating, but that’s playing football. Football’s a frustrating game. You’ve got to have some mental toughness to move forward and fight on.”

On the Patriots sitting Brady and a couple of other starters late in the fourth quarter: “Well, I think coach decided he’d seen enough. He wanted to get some other guys in there, get some other guys some experience, and he said Brian [Hoyer, the Patriots’ backup quarterback] is going in and I said OK. … I think the way it was going, I don’t think he felt like we had much of a chance.”


On pro athletes handling fan requests: “We were sitting around the table at breakfast yesterday morning kind of laughing about that, with just the things that people come up with, or some of the requests that people get. One of the players was telling about his grandpa asking for a new car, this rookie, and he’s like ‘Grandpa, you know my financial manager talks about that pie, and that’s a big portion of the pie you’re asking for. As a rookie, you’re not making a whole lot of dough.’ You know, we’re all kind of in it, and there’s different requests, obviously, for all of us to do certain things and be in certain places.”

On handling temptations a pro athlete might face (related to the Tiger Woods situation): “You meet different people over the years, and it’s pretty easy to sort through. I think when I was younger I was much more … not so much tempted, just more, you know, you want to be nice to people, and I look at everyone and I trust everybody, which is not always the best thing, but I would think everyone has the best intention and they don’t at times, so you make your mistakes and you learn from them. At this point in my life, I have my group of friends that I really enjoy spending time with and obviously, marriage has helped a lot also. So my priorities are what they are. I don’t have that big social element to my life, it’s more just my family and my work. It’s probably a lot easier now than it used to be.”


On his expected child, he was asked if he’d gone paint shopping recently and purchased pink or blue: “My Dad asked me the same thing. I haven’t told him. I’m really the only one that knows at this point. [Gisele] doesn’t know. It’s a pretty good feeling knowing something that nobody else knows. I wanted to find out and she didn’t so she said, ‘go ahead.’ So it’ll be a surprise for her.”

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