Moss silenced … again


On the sixth play of the game, the Patriots faked an end-around, and threw deep to Randy Moss. Running a post, Moss got behind Gibril Wilson and Vontae Davis for a 58-yard touchdown.

And that was about it for ol’ Randy. He had just one catch for 8 yards the rest of the way, and if you take away that long one, and another long one in New Orleans, he has eight catches for 62 yards over the last three weeks. Not, of course, what the Patriots are looking for.

Davis followed Moss most of the day — he did get plenty of help with Wilson cheating over to that side (which opened up Aiken’s long touchdown) — and employed a physical approach.


“Receivers don’t like that, they don’t like it when you get your hands on them,” Davis told me as he exited the stadium. “That’s the biggest thing, that’ll frustrate them.”

Asked if he felt like he frustrated Moss, Davis smiled and said, “I tried to the best I could.”

And it seems like he did a pretty good job. Davis had an up-and-down game against Moss in November, registering a spectacular pick, but also allowing Moss to go for six catches, 147 yards, and a touchdown. This time, he was the biggest player in containing Moss, and got position on Moss for a big pick (pictured above) in the fourth quarter.

“That’s the big thing – compete,” Davis said, when asked about getting picked on before. “I don’t want those guys taking advantage of me because I’m young. Biggest thing, just compete.”

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