Wanna move on?


The Patriots want to put that whole Miami thing behind them, and while we’re not quite ready to do that yet, we’ll go ahead and offer a quick peek ahead at Carolina for all of you.

Here’s some bad news: Carolina’s 16-6 win over the Bucs highlighted the strength of their red-zone defense. Josh Freeman looked like Joe Montana in a big game between the 20s, and Joe Namath on a big bender inside the Panther 20, which was due to a) his inexperience and b) timely play from the Panther defense. So it may be difficult to solve the Patriots’ red-zone struggles this week …


A big part of that effort was linebacker Jon Beason’s two interceptions, which capped off a week he kicked off being arrested for a strip-club altercation.

Here’s how the Panthers thrived in the run game, even with DeAngelo Williams sidelined. And here’s one man who thinks Carolina should stick with Matt Moore, even if Jake Delhomme is ready to go next week.

We’ve got plenty more of the Miami debacle to break down, but it’s important to know that every game is big from here on out, and the idea of a “layup” with four pretty mediocre teams looming probably should be put to rest after yesterday.

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