Brady sends a message


Think it’s an accident that Tom Brady was front and center on a day when a) his second son was born, and b) all hell was breaking loose with his team?

All you have to do is read this sentence closely: “As a captain and a leader of this team, the last thing that they need from me is to be really not focused on the job at hand.”

So it’s easy for his teammates, both former and current, to see why he’d be there for his teammates today.

“Absolutely,” Artrell Hawkins, who played here in 2005 and ’06 and now hosts a radio program in Cincinnati, told me a few minutes ago. “Tom’s probably the craziest guy I’ve ever been around. To me, he’s accomplished a lot, three Super Bowls, an MVP, and he’s still one of the most highly driven guys I’ve ever seen. I can completely see him having kid one night, then showing up the next day. It’s that important to him. He takes it that seriously.


“So yeah, going to work after having the baby, after being there for his family makes sense, because his second family is the New England Patriots. The reason I call him crazy is I’ve never seen anyone so driven after accomplishing so much. He’s addicted to winning. I don’t see him ever taking a day off. You’d almost have to restrain him for him not to show up.”

And so, yes, I think that Brady’s presence today was symbolic for this team going forward.

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