Burgess: ‘I ain’t been sent home since high school’

Derrick Burgess stood front-and-center today and was quick to fall on his own sword for LateGate.

The edge-rusher said he left an hour to get to the stadium, in light of the weather. It wasn’t enough. And for that, he said he was to blame. Even if the heave-ho wasn’t expected.

“I ain’t been sent home since high school,” Burgess said. “Come on, man, sent home? Nah. … Shocked is one of the words you could use, but I was more disappointed in myself.”

Added Burgess: “Next time, I’ll leave an hour-and-a-half” to get to the stadium.

He did hint that he wasn’t happy with the decision.  “What would your reaction be? My reaction was the same as yours. There you go. Had to deal with it.”

But he was sure to, again, put the blame on himself.

“I was disappointed, you dig?” he said. “I’ve got to be disappointed in myself. That’s it.”


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