Carter blasts Moss

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Randy Moss continues to be a popular topic across the NFL, and even his former teammate and one-time mentor has joined those who are tearing him apart for his effort.

Via, former wide receiver Cris Carter ripped Moss Monday on ESPN Radio. Carter supervised Moss when they played together in Minnesota, Moss a rookie and Carter a veteran. Carter had harsh, biting words for a player he is linked to. Carter seemed disappointed that Moss could play as he did yesterday. 

“For me, as someone who teaches wide receivers how to be wide receivers and how to run routes and what type of effort and stuff it would take, it was pathetic, and I was shocked,” “Because I know it’s in him, but I thought he had matured to the point where I wasn’t going to see it anymore.”


Carter also believes Moss being sent home last Wednesday after arriving late had a definite impact yesterday.

“Something happened to Randy — something had an effect on him,” Carter said. “When they sent those players home, did that have an effect on Randy? I’m not going to say that in particular because I’m not  there in the locker room — I don’t know that. But something happened that affected Randy and his approach to the game and what he decided he was going to give out there.”

Patriots players felt an obvious flatness in the first half yesterday, and the malaise broke only after Wes Welker took the game over in the third quarter. Carter, from playing with Moss, feels Moss can have a distinct effect on the mood of a team.

“I know what Randy is capable of,” Carter said. “Because I know what he spurred me on to late in my career, and the energy he brings to a team. And when Randy is like that — like he was yesterday — it’s hard for the team to overcome that. So I was shocked by seeing that.”

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