Moss-Owens Week begins

In different ways, it’s been a tough year for both of these guys. Owens has dealt with losing. Moss has dealt with injuries and, recently, a whole lot of controversy, after a couple of Carolina players told us that he wasn’t going 100 percent.

But these are two of the best in the history of the game, so every time they clash — and trust me, these guys do not like one another — it’s significant. Oh, so you want evidence of the rivalry’s existence? Well, when I was covering the Cowboys and it was Patriots week in 2007, rather than discuss his matchup with Moss, Owens left this for us media types on his Valley Ranch locker …


As for what they’ve accomplished on the field … Owens is sixth all-time in receptions, Moss is 11th. Owens is fourth all-time in receiving yards, Moss is sixth. Moss is second in touchdown catches, Owens is third. Both are going to the Hall of Fame, and both carry a checkered reputation.

The one difference is that Owens is now 36 years old. The question was posed to Bill Belichick today on a conference as to how much he has left.

“Ask Jacksonville, ask Miami,” Belichick said. “He does a great job on the vertical deep routes. He’s big and fast — a big target that can go up and get the ball. But he’s also very good on the underneath routes, as we saw last week.”

One last note: Owens did dump some fuel on the fire last week, posting this on Twitter: “And I made it 2 my 8am mtg this am!! Lol!”

As for Moss, Belichick was asked, again, if he’s in need of a good week leading up to Buffalo. And that got the same kind of general answer that all the Moss questions yesterday did.

“It’s important for all of us to have a good week every week,” he said. “That’s for all of us.”

Director of player personnel Nick Caserio — who used to be Moss’ position coach — added that Moss made an impact on Sunday away from the ball that went unnoticed, and said he’s among the team’s most consistent players.

Caserio put it this way: “There were a lot of things that he did that helped our team.”


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