If you missed it: Troy Brown on Moss


Chris Gasper got Troy Brown on the phone the other day — we already directed you to his thoughts on Wes Welker — and asked him for his take on fellow Marshall alum and ex-Patriot teammate Randy Moss. Brown said that Moss has too much respect for the Patriots organization to go too far off the reservation.

But his opinion did have balance:

“It was just a crazy week for everybody and being sent home, the
distraction, maybe it did affect his game, but there are not too many
things in the past where…I can’t say he was dogging it,” said Brown,
who now works as an analyst for Comcast SportsNet. 


dropped some catches we’re used to seeing Randy Moss make. The
controversy highlighted it. When he did it early in the year no one
noticed, but there is a little more attention put on those catches when
there is some kind of controversy throughout the week, with his being
sent home.

“I can guarantee you this, if he’s not in that
lineup, you will definitely see a lot of changes in the way teams play
the Patriots. He is a huge asset to the football team just being on the
field because you’re not going to put your guard down and give him the
chance to change the game with one play, whether he’s dogging it or

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