Belichick breaks it down on Moss


It’s always worth your time to see Bill Belichick breaking down football on tape — and he does it here with Scott Zolak on the club’s website.

Here he breaks down three plays. The first is a draw to Kevin Faulk in the third quarter, with the Panthers playing with a single-high safety, and there’s not much to see as to how Carolina is handling Randy Moss.

The second one is 23-yard throw on an in-cut to Wes Welker off play-action. By my layman’s eyes, based on the corners’ technique and the underneath coverage, that one looks like the Panthers are in Cover-3, meaning they’re paying no real special attention to Moss. That came on the second drive of the third quarter.


The third play goes back to the first drive of the third quarter, one play after the 19-yarder Faulk ripped off on the draw. On that one, the Panthers (again, in my layman’s eyes) look like they’re 2-man — which is man coverage underneath with the safeties playing deep halves, designed to take away the deep ball.

What Belichick shows there is that Moss, headed to the post, attracted both safeties to help the corner, which left Benjamin Watson singled up deep toward the sideline.

Or, at least, that’s what I got out of all this. I’m not going to evaluate hustle on these things. I think do it shows some evidence that the Panthers were gearing up to stop No. 81 (playing man-2 means you respect the deep ball and, in this case, Moss) some of the time, but not all of time.

Take a look for yourself, and judge. No matter what, you can learn something watching him evaluate the tape.

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