Shuffle off to Buffalo

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The Patriots are packing up for Buffalo today, and we won’t hear from them again until after Sunday’s game. Until then, a few quick hits from coach Bill Belichick’s press conference:

  • Fred Taylor spoke with reporters today in the locker room, an indication he might make his return from ankle surgery Sunday. Taylor remains grateful that Belichick decided not to place him on injured reserve he underwent ankle surgery following an injury sustained Oct. 4. “It could have gone either way,” Belichick said. Ultimately, Belichick decided carrying Taylor each week as inactive player was worth the risk. It could start paying dividends now if the Patriots get another back to work into their rotation as the weather turns.


  • Belichick was asked a few question about the Patriots’ identity, particularly about Tom Brady’s observation Sunday that the Patriots may be becoming a “grind-it-out” team. “We’re one of the highest-scoring teams in the league,” Belichick said. “I like that identity.” Belichick said there is a balance between being a game-plan team and a team that strives to have an identity. The key, he said, is to install a broad base during training camp and then pick and choose formation and ideas from that.


  • Belichick believes the Bills present difficult skill position players to tackle, including running backs Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson. Belichick said there is little difference between them. “If you don’t look carefully, it’s kind of hard to tell who is who,” Belichick said.


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