Kraft keeping up with the Jones’


Sports Business Journal released its list of the “50 Most Influential” people in the industry this week, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft easily outranked fellow Boston owners John Henry (30th) and Jeremy Jacobs (41st), while being among eight from the football side to make the cut.

Kraft was ranked 13th, making him the second most influential team owner on the list, right behind Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who was ninth. Here’s the blurb on the Patriots poo-bah …

As a gaggle of reporters
surrounded New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft during the fall owners
meeting in his hometown of Boston,
another owner walked by, quipping that he was no match for the “commissioner.”
Kraft may be nearly as powerful as the commissioner, with his powerhouse team,
three Super Bowl rings and perches on powerful committees, but as someone who
likes to appear humble, he clearly did not appreciate his colleague’s remark.
“I could make a comment, but I won’t,” he said to laughs. “Maybe you should all
go to him.” Not a chance, Bob.

Also on the list from football were commissioner Roger Goodell (2nd), union chief DeMaurice Smith (11th), NFL Network CEO Steve Bornstein (31st), Broncos owner Pat Bowlen (35th), NFL general counsel Jeff Pash (40th), and CAA superagents Tom Condon and Ben Dogra (44th) .


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