Aiken: “… those are plays I need to make.”

FOXBOROUGH — Patriots wide receiver Sam Aiken was targeted twice against the Bills yesterday but came away empty handed on both attempts.

While both passes would have meant impressive catches for Aiken, he said those opportunities need to be converted.

Both passes were deep and along the right sideline. The first coming in the third quarter and the second in the fourth.

“At this stretch right here, those are plays that I need to make, you know, as the role of playing receiver and making plays,” Aiken said. “So if he’s got courage enough to throw me the ball, he trusts me to make those plays, so, yes, I’m going to be hard on myself because I didn’t catch those two passes.”

Aiken has two touchdowns this season, the second coming on an 81-yard catch against Miami on Dec. 6, also his only reception of the game.




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