Name that defense

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Around the locker room yesterday, no defensive players would divulge the name of the defense they used on third and long yesterday, when the Patriots used six defensive backs, no defensive linemen, and five standing linebackers strewn around the line of scrimmage. “I’ll pass on that one,” linebacker Ron Ninkovich said, which was representative. Adalius Thomas offered “organized chaos,” but that is a description more than a name.

Bill Belichick didn’t have an answer today, either. But he did have an idea.

“We can do a fan poll,” he said. “See what you can come with.”

Now there’s a perfect task to kill some time before the holiday. Here’s what we’ll do. In the comments section, list your ideas and favorites. We’ll try to come to a consensus on the best five or so, then put up a poll later today. On Thursday, we’ll close voting, take the winner to Belichick, and see what he thinks.


Have at.

We’re thrilled with the great response and creative ideas. Later tonight, after the Extra Points brain trust meets, we’ll post a poll with the top 15 or 20. Then we’ll whittle that to five, and by Wednesday we’ll have something to take to Belichick and get his response. 

UPDATED, 6:30 p.m. Below are the top 15 responses. Cast your vote, and the top five will advance to Tuesday afternoon’s finals:

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