Taylor tries to diffuse controversy


Looks like this one won’t drag the way some other recent dramas have …

On his conference call with the Jacksonville media that covered him for 11 years today, Fred Taylor said that he has no problem with Jack Del Rio, or the Jaguars organization, on heels of some comments the tailback had on his former team’s shortcomings preparation-wise.

When asked if he was trying to take shots at Del Rio, Taylor responded, “Never. Never. He’s done an outstanding job. He’s still a young coach and will get better.  He’s shown glimpses of being a very good coach.  I would never take a shot at him.  Why would I? 

“My number one thing is you never burn bridges.  I plan on being around football for the rest of my life.  Why would I burn bridges?  I don’t know if I run into that guy some day, or vice versa.  So I would never say that, even if I felt that way, why would I?  Business first.  It’s a business first.”

Taylor didn’t stop there … He also said he was a little perturbed by comments made by Del Rio on the leadership, or lack thereof, of Taylor.

“It’s something that we can map out as men, because he didn’t know my tone,” Taylor said.  “So of course, he’s going to protect his team first.  He’s going to protect what he built there and I don’t blame him.  I probably would’ve muttered something without talking to someone and then we could’ve clarified it somewhere down the road.  That’s all it is – a misunderstanding.  [You can’t] let the media blow it up into something that it’s not.”

So take that for what you will …


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