At the half … Patriots 28, Jaguars 0

There’s plenty of positive to be taken from this win … er, first half at Foxboro. So let’s get to it:

— Tom Brady’s as sharp as he’s been in weeks. Playing one of the league’s worst pass defenses, and its sorriest pass rush doesn’t hurt, but give Brady credit, too. In going 14 of 16 (40 of 44 in his last six quarters vs. Jags) for 150 yards and three touchdowns, he’s delivering the ball with authority and decisiveness.

— On the other side of the pass-defense coin, the Patriots have shown an ability to get to the passer that’s got little to do with their “UFO” front (which hasn’t been all that successful today.) Tully Banta-Cain’s getting consistent pressure off the edge, and this time, it’s not because they’re getting him into favorable matchups by disguising their pressure.


— The Patriots totaled 141 yards on 16 carries, good for an 8.8-yard average. They are absolutely blowing the Jags off the ball, and Sammy Morris (always have trouble understanding why he doesn’t get the ball more) is showing great vision and burst in taking advantage of huge seams in the defense.

— Wes Welker continues to show his worth, as Randy Moss has been held in check (aside from some good red zone work) by Rashean Mathis. He’s got eight catches for 93 yards, and given his value, I’m starting to have trouble seeing why he’s still out there on punt returns. Seriously. He’s good, not great in that facet of the game, and it seems like a place where you could give the guy a blow.

— Good job by Myron Pryor and Mike Wright to hold down the fort inside in Vince Wilfork’s absence.

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