Will Brady sit? Actually, he’d rather not …


Making his weekly appearance on WEEI, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addressed what will be a hot topic over the coming days … Play? Or sit?

I already weighed in here. Not surprisingly, Brady wants to play in Houston.

“I’m sure he’ll have his own ideas, and down in Foxborough, it’s not like it’s a democracy there anywhere,” the quarterback told Christian Fauria and Butch Stearns, sitting in on the Dennis & Callahan program. “We don’t sit around and take votes on what we’re gonna do. It’s a one-man show and he makes the decisions. I think there’s a lot at stake for us, the first and second seeds, they have that figured out, but the 3, the 4, the 5 and the 6, no one really knows about those.


“You don’t really play for position when you don’t know who your opponent will be, nor does it really matter who the opponent’s gonna be. We’re gonna have to beat a good team.”

One reason Brady said he would advocate playing — Building on the momentum not just from yesterday, but the whole week leading up to the game.

“It’d be great to see if we could carry that over again, have another
great week,” Brady continued. “You don’t want to make it seem like, ‘Man, one week we’re
this team that looks like we did yesterday, and the next week we’re a
team that looks like we did against the Bills.’ I said after the the
game, that was probably our best week of practice all season, and it
was probably one of our best games all season.

“If we can go out and put
together another great week of practice, that’s only gonna help us with
what’s ahead. Obviously, we’re not playing the playoff game this week.
We’re playing the Texans, who are definitely a playoff-caliber team.
Whether they make it or not, it’s a great test for us. I’d love to see
us go down there and put together the same type of effort.”


Then again, he did allow that if guys are hurt, it might be smart to hold them back …

“You’re not gonna put guys out there that really aren’t capable of
playing, that you probably would if it were a playoff game,” he said. “But I think
it’s great for us players to go prepare and be ready to go play a team
that presents some different challenges. We’ve played 15 games this
year, pretty unbelievable how fast the season’s gone for us, but you
can’t get hurt at any point.

“The reality is you can be hurt the first
play of the playoff game. That’s just the way it is. Hopefully, you
have enough depth to overcome one injury or two injuries, it’s just a
matter of us doing that. Who knows what coach is going to do? We’re all
preparing to play.”

Hope you’re not already sick of this topic. Chances are, we won’t get real answers before the game, which means it will linger and hover over everything all week.

My apologies in advance for that.

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